Exclusive VIP Transformational Retreats

An incredible opportunity to transform your health and life now!

I’ve learned that one-on-one appointments are beautifully healing and facilitate peeling off the layers of imbalance and disharmony, but it can take time. Therefore I’ve created an Exclusive Transformational Therapy Program individualized to support you to dive deeply into the root causes of your physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual challenges, uncover the blocks and resolve them!

We can spend either four or five days together, weaving in modalities of healing that best suit your constitution, situation, challenges (blind spots), health and life goals. There are options for a longer retreat but I customize and individualize everything based on your desires and needs.
You have the option to bring me to you. Here I can support you in your own comfortable environment. I can also train your support staff in your new lifestyle upgrades. Some patient’s prefer to escape to their beach or country home for more privacy during this retreat. We can also journey to another country or place of your choice. You may find it easier to shift old patterns when you are away from the triggers of daily life, others may need the old environment to bring them up.

There are many beautiful places on the planet to which we could go and facilitate profound healing. I am also familiar with parts of Puerto Rico and sacred waterfalls, which can facilitate deep healing; Hawaii, Bahamas, Sedona/Flagstaff AZ., Boulder, CO. Parts of Australia, and France to name a few.

We can discuss the possibilities and find what is most suitable for your optimal health.


Doing a 4-day VIP transformational retreat with Kristin Grayce was the best thing I could have ever done for my physical, mental and spiritual health… I am consistently eating healthier, lost 2 sizes, have a new positive attitude and feel a sense of freedom. People keep asking what I am doing differently with my skin as it looks healthy and smooth.

Moriah W., California

My personal experience of working with Kristin was a very positive one. I felt that I was working with someone who has great knowledge as a healer, but also a level of wisdom and compassion that is uncommon. I highly recommend her as a healer and an advisor

Ariel Policano, ND

Her energy and focus, dedication and inner divinity gifts one’s heart with love.  Eating her chocolate is literally enjoying the taste of Love itself. Kristin is a divine chocolate Angel!

GBS, Australia

I trust her with my life! She helped me to develop a deeper presence and awareness of my body and energy while strengthening my intuition. My friends and family benefit too because they get to eat all the yummy recipes I have learned from Kristin; people beg for her raw German chocolate cake! Kristin’s divine work helped me to be empowered and create a life filled with infinite love and gratitude.

Emily Davalos, Arizona