health guides

  • Learn details about your breast health that no one else is teaching. Discover simple lifestyle shifts that can keep your breasts healthy. Learn what preventative measures you can take to avoid most cancers and breast disease. Receive lists of foods to enjoy, while avoiding the most problematic ones to enjoy to keep your breasts and body healthy and happy. Learn about new healing therapies to improve breast health and immune function as well as essential oils for breast health. Learn what factors predispose you to breast issues and how to be proactive. Learn the supplements that work best to treat the symptoms and root of many breast challenges. Finally, discover some of the key unconscious and emotional pieces associated with breast issues so you can resolve the underlying core imbalances.
  • Learn how to turn your health around by addressing both the symptoms and root of diabetes and insulin resistance once and for all. You will discover shocking new information about food and nutrition so that you can make the changes that really make a difference in your health. You will find lists of foods to enjoy and those best to avoid, along with essential oils to stimulate your metabolism. Learn which lifestyle factors you can control and therefore alter your health destiny. Discover which supplements and exercises really work to bring down your blood sugar and HA1c as well as symptoms of insulin resistance. You will learn about my special therapeutic ketogenic plan and the basics needed to implement immediately. And finally, dive deeper into your unconscious and emotions as you discover some key aspects that may be driving these imbalances in your body and life.
  • Learn my top clinical pearls to avoid an outbreak or treat one quickly. You will learn about how this virus works so you can stop it in it's tracks. You will receive lists of foods to enjoy and which foods may cause you problems. You will learn which supplements work best to both prevent and treat outbreaks so you can end suffering immediately. You will discover which essential oils are best and how to use them. You will find a list of common lifestyle factors that may increase your chances of having an outbreak so you can be proactive with your health and life. You will also discover some of the key unconscious and emotional aspects of herpes and shingles outbreaks, so you can identify and address any underlying core issues.
  • Learn details about keeping your gallbladder healthy or what to do after it's been removed that no one else is teaching. Learn what factors impact your gallbladder health and what to do. You will find lists of foods to enjoy that support healthy gallbladder function. You will discover supplements that dissolve gallbladder stones, two different cleanses that have been proven to really work, digestive support for optimal gallbladder health, nutrient absorption advice post gallbladder surgery, essential oils that are good for digestion and gallbladder health, a list of recommended healing therapies,  lifestyle changes that greatly impact your health, and the unconscious and emotional aspects of gallbladder dysfunction.
  • Learn the truth about allergies (both environmental and food) and from where they arise, as well as how to address both the annoying symptoms and the root of the immune imbalance. Discover lists of foods to enjoy and those that will likely cause you problems. Find an explanation of my most trusted food sensitivity tests. Become empowered with lists of my most effective supplements for treating both the symptoms of allergies as well as the root of immune dysfunction. Receive nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that really make a difference in your health. And finally enjoy learning about the main unconscious and emotional aspects of allergies so you can resolve any underlying core issues.