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Your Annual Blood Test is Not Enough

Blood chemistry is an effective and efficient tool to use in screening and identifying imbalances in the body-metabolism. Few western trained MDs and NMDs are versed in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA), nor do they know how to order appropriate comprehensive panels.  Did you know at your annual check-up only 10-30 markers are ordered? The standard reference ranges used are based on illness, not wellness.  My reference ranges are different, and they are based on functional health. I have extensive training interpreting and working with your functional blood chemistry labs.  After an Optimal Wellness Consultation, a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis gives you the ability to:

  • Get the most comprehensive lab of your life with about 70 markers and a urinalysis
  • Learn exactly what is happening inside your body
  • Receive a cutting edge, holistic and comprehensive analysis
  • Reveal potential causes of any symptoms
  • Experience a 2 hour one on one interactive appointment with Kristin Grayce offered remotely or in person
  • Get direct, customized & appropriate instructions to gain vibrant health
  • Prevent future suffering by finding imbalances before you get a medical diagnosis
  • Receive a full thyroid panel including all 10 markers for thyroid function so you can get to the root of thyroid issues rather than just mask symptoms
  • Have all the major markers of inflammation evaluated
  • Receive expert guidance on individual applied nutrition & health supplements
  • Receive individualized lifestyle reccomendations
Optimal Wellness Application

Why Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Matters

I am passionate about educating people about FBCA. I want it to be more widely available through healthcare providers who understand how to use it in a holistic way to individualize treatment. I also want you as a consumer to be well educated so you can make informed choices. FBCA has enabled me to more effectively guide people with nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle and treatment plans to better meet their biochemical health needs.

In my own journey of healing, it has been a life saver. My health was misdiagnosed and mismanaged for years until finally I began to learn about the benefits of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. The comprehensive testing and follow-up deciphering of my lab markers opened up a new world of understanding into what my body was trying to tell me and how best to support it.

I am forever grateful for the wise pioneers in this field who are making these tools available!

Functional Blood Chemistry


I let a year go by deciding if I should spend the money, but the truth is I have spent way more than that over the years without the same results. I now know I am worth every penny and so is Kristin Grayce. She made me feel comfortable to push through things when it seemed to hard to go on. I felt completely taken care of physically, mentally and spiritually.

Moriah W., California

I fought cancer and lyme’s disease for 8 years before meeting Kristin Grayce. I had worked with a long list of doctors, advisers and practitioners, but my success was marginal. Chronic pain and fatigue and fevers were wearing me out. Finally, after working with Kristin Grayce these past 4 months I can honestly tell you that my health has begun to greatly improve. She has changed my diet, and worked on my brain, body and overall health in a holistic way unlike anything I have ever experienced. The work deepens every month. A couple of examples of what has already changed: Migraines I’ve suffered weekly for years are gone! Fevers I suffered regularly have yet to recur. For the first time in 8 years I know that my health and energy levels are improving and allowing me to live fully! Kristin has, in a very short time, given me back my life!

Polly Dithmer, Tucson, AZ

My personal experience of working with Kristin was a very positive one. I felt that I was working with someone who has great knowledge as a healer, but also a level of wisdom and compassion that is uncommon. I highly recommend her as a healer and an advisor.

Ariel Policano, ND

I want to thank Kristin for her comprehensive healing work. I was recovering from months of antibiotics and surgeries for a infection that would not go away. Kristin helped me in multiple ways including acupuncture, cranial sacral and an advanced analysis of my blood. I don’t know of anyone else who is doing this comprehensive approach to healing. The guidance I received from Kristin on altering my diet to heal some of the underlying conditions that months of antibiotics had triggered was life changing and has opened up so many new doorways for me.

Jill H., Tucson, AZ

For years, I struggled with anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, eczema, and digestive problems. It was not until my sessions with Kristin McGary that I found any relief. Her “whole health” outlook which balances the emotional and physical has truly changed my life. She has true passion for the wellbeing of others, founded on great knowledge and amazing on-going education. After receiving treatments with Kristin and by following her suggested diet and lifestyle changes, my skin is the best it has ever been! My energy level and stamina are great. My insomnia and fatigue are just fading memories! I have recommended Kristin to my family and closest friends, all of whom give wonderful reports. She is a true gift for those in need.

Sherry Hammond, GBS, Australia