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Acupuncture and Asian Medicine

This safe and ancient medical system has been used to treat both chronic and acute conditions for over 6000 years. It seeks not only to treat dis-ease in the body and mind but to improve overall health and vitality.

The tiny, hair-like, solid, sterile needles are inserted into acupuncture points. The intent is to contact Qi, vital life force energy. It is this Qi, or energy, that causes our bodies to move. Qi is what enables our vital organs to function like the beating of our hearts, blood pumping through our veins, nerve signals being sent from our brain to our limbs and vice versa, our respiration, digestion of our food and elimination of toxins via our kidneys, intestines, liver and skin.

Brain Healing

Brain Healing

This unique modality works extensively with the structures of the brain. I address specific structures and physiology of the brain and spinal cord using extremely light touch. Some of these structures are glands which strongly influence hormones while others produce and regulate neurotransmitters. The body will often align itself around key tissue restrictions to cause various symptoms.

The restrictions are commonly the most important and least-often addressed components of somatic dysfunction. I am able to locate these restrictions and offer the brain an opportunity to release, reorganize and rebalance itself. When I energetically touch the brain, it is as though I am holding-up a mirror, and that part of the brain sees itself and automatically realigns based on that feedback.

Advanced CranioSacral Therapy

Advanced CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a form of Osteopathy that was developed by Dr. John Upledger. It is an incredibly gentle, non-invasive modality that supports the body’s innate ability to heal.

This hands-on technique uses about 5 grams of pressure, the weight of a nickel, to evaluate and treat various forms of restriction in the body, including osseous, fascial, connective tissue, visceral, and ligaments to name a few.

Most people are unaware of restrictions until they have a symptom furthermore it’s common that the symptoms occur away from the restriction. Everything is intimately connected.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Blood chemistry is an effective and efficient tool to use in order to screen and identify imbalances in the body-metabolism. Unfortunately, few Western trained MDs and NMDs are versed in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA), nor do they know how to order appropriate comprehensive panels.

Further, conventional blood chemistry analysis compiles its “normal” ranges from millions of patients, most of whom are moderately to severely ill. When a patient’s blood falls within “normal” among a group of sick people, how can this possibly demonstrate anything about their wellness?! You should think of this as “Dysfunctional Blood Chemistry Analysis!”

By contrast, FBCA utilizes healthy function ing people to determine different reference ranges. These functionally “normal” and more accurate reference ranges better represent health and well-being.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Neural and Perineural Therapy and Homeopuncture

Neural therapy is a natural healing modality that works with your autonomic nervous system to resolve blocks, dysfunction, and imbalances so you can fully heal. Neural therapy historically addresses scars, glands, trigger points, acupuncture points, vascular structures, ligaments and autonomic ganglia. It is excellent for treating chronic pain and illness by restoring normal function to the autonomic nervous system and resolving blocks (aka interference fields, foci, and blocked meridians) that were caused by trauma or surgery scars, or sports injuries.

Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT) is excellent for pain! Previously known as Neural Prolotherapy (NPT), it now has a more accurate name. Dextrose (sugar) is injected near cutaneous nerves which alleviates neurogenic pain and inflammation. It is incredibly safe and effective in nearly all pain challenges. It was developed by Dr. John Lyftogt, with whom I’ve studied. Neurogenic pain is caused by damage to the C-fibers of subcutaneous nerves, which are unmyelinated . Sugar changes the signal of the receptors of the nerves. Nerves that are restricted via a chronic constriction injury (CCI) can be relieved with this therapy. You can expect 4 hours to 4 days of complete relief and then improvement of the pain after each subsequent session. Some patients only need 1 session, others may need a series of 8-16. I incorporate many other modalities which also address the root causes of why the pain is there in the first place.



Homeopathy is a coherent system of natural medicine that focuses on the body’s inherent ability to heal from within. It was discovered over 200 years ago by the German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

It has its own method of diagnosis and unique way of treating. The remedies are all-natural and safe. The elderly, children, infants and even pregnant women can safely use homeopathic preparations.

Homeopathic remedies are very effective in acute and chronic dis-eases. In the United States, homeopathy is a legally recognized method of healing.

The Lifeline Technique

The Lifeline Technique

The LifeLine technique is a unique and holistic philosophy, science and quantum technology to discovering, interpreting and releasing the root cause of physical symptoms, metal and emotional stress and trauma.

This incredible system is the synergy of more than 16 different modalities in one, including Five Element theory of Asian Medicine, Meridian theory of Acupuncture, Ayuvedic, Homeopathy, Psycho-Neuro biology, Total Body Modification, Kinesiology, EMDR, Chakra, sound, color therapy, aromatherapy, aspects of Shamanism to name a few.

Sacred Cacao

Sacred Cacao

Akuna Cacao (Five Element Chocolate) is a delicious way to experience aspects of nature that reflect many dimensions of our being. This handmade, orgasmic, organic, raw cacao embodies each of the elements in flavor, texture, and shape.

It is vibrationally enhanced using tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, whale song, music, chanting, meditation, sounds of nature and the most powerful intention of Infinite Love and Gratitude.

Individual and group sessions and ceremonies available.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Sound has been used as a healing modality for thousands of years. You may have heard chanting from Asia or read about music and icaros songs during indigenous healing ceremonies.

Science is now validating what humans have been feeling for thousands of years. A very real science has emerged called Neuroacoustics and Psychoacoustics, the study of the effects of sound on the human nervous system. We are frequency beings, and every cell of our body has been shown to respond to vibration.

I use tuning forks, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, swinging chimes, drum, nature and voice to profoundly impact each strand of DNA in every cell of the body.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy

Dolphin Assisted Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy and Dolphin Assisted Therapy are unique healing modalities that explore interspecies communication thru physical and energetic exchanges between people, animals, environment and therapist.

My multidimensional approach expands far beyond directive animal interaction. The experience is rich with opportunities to connect with yourself, the dolphins or the horses and the surrounding environment in a healing and transformative way.

When you connect in this profound way healing occurs on many levels. Often old subconscious patterns shift, triggers dissolve, pain leaves, dis-ease patterns are released, stress melts away, and your body’s abilities to heal, release, regenerate and thrive is powerfully activated.

Death Midwifery

Death Midwifery

Death Midwifery is similar to birth midwifery but it supports through the dying process. I’m also called a death doula. Many cultures actively process death through various rituals to release grief. I’ve noticed that American culture hasn’t quite embraced the dying process in what I consider a healthy or balanced way.

I’m here to help change that. Death is inevitable. We are all going to die, regardless of the anti-aging serums we use, or the vitamins we take. Our Divine exit could be from a prolonged illness or a tragic car accident.

As horrible as it may seem to the people left behind, we each have our Divine timing. I believe this and hold this for you and your family.


Doing a 4-day VIP transformational retreat with Kristin Grayce was the best thing I could have ever done for my physical, mental and spiritual health… I am consistently eating healthier, lost 2 sizes, have a new positive attitude and feel a sense of freedom. People keep asking what I am doing differently with my skin as it looks healthy and smooth.

Moriah W., California

My personal experience of working with Kristin was a very positive one. I felt that I was working with someone who has great knowledge as a healer, but also a level of wisdom and compassion that is uncommon. I highly recommend her as a healer and an advisor

Ariel Policano, ND

Her energy and focus, dedication and inner divinity gifts one’s heart with love.  Eating her chocolate is literally enjoying the taste of Love itself. Kristin is a divine chocolate Angel!

GBS, Australia

I trust her with my life! She helped me to develop a deeper presence and awareness of my body and energy while strengthening my intuition. My friends and family benefit too because they get to eat all the yummy recipes I have learned from Kristin; people beg for her raw German chocolate cake! Kristin’s divine work helped me to be empowered and create a life filled with infinite love and gratitude.

Emily Davalos, Arizona